Share House Building Experience

My husband and I decided to build our own house in March 2015. When we started, we really wanted to know more about the real cost, timeline, and whole lot of other information. We could not find any websites describes the whole process. We had to ask other people who had the similar experience. A lot of them forgot some details. Now that we had started, we realised how easy to forget some of the useful detail. We decided to record every steps and hopefully it can be useful to people who plan to build their house.

2015年, 我先生和我决定推倒我们的一个小房子, 造一个新的. 下决心之前以及过程中, 我们经常会有一些问题, 但是我们找不到一个网站能系统地解决我们的疑惑. 我们不得不到处打听. 一些朋友帮忙解答了不少问题, 但是具体细节很多朋友也记不清了. 等我们开始造房子的时候, 我们才意识到, 不记录下来, 确实会遗忘很多东西. 于是我们决定做这个网站来记录整个过程. 希望对后来者, 有所帮助.