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We got a lot of help from our friends when we started and during the house building process. We are willing to offer our help to answer your questions. Feel free to email us at:

You can leave comments in our blog too and we will contact you.

About us

We are immigrant from China and settled down in Fairfax county in northern Virginia 18 years ago. We bought our first house in 2001. We like our house. However, when our son was in school age, we realized our local school was not very good compare to other schools in Fairfax county. After we did some research, we found Haycock Elementary school, Long Fellow Midlle school and McLean High school area was considered as the best school area. However, the house price is also increably high. In 2011, we decided to buy an old small house and planned to tare it down and build a new one. However, we changed our mind and rented it out for four years. The rebuild project started from March 2015.