Home Builders we chose

Before we made the decision to build new house, we checked several home builders. New Dimensions Inc (NDI), Classic Homes, and Focal Point Homes are three builders we did some research. Our final decision was to choose NDI. We made this decision mostly because we like the "Clarendon" model. This model fit in our land very well. We also have several friends used NDI and they all highly recommended NDI. As a very experienced general contractor, NDI is very efficent, the price is very cost effective. We highly recomend NDI. Feel free to contact Renee Paquet at (703)850-3028, the Senior Sales Manager. You can mention use (Helen and Jin Kang). She knows us very well.

找哪一个builder呢? 我们在两年以前就已经做了一些调查. 当时主要研究的是classic home and NDI. 但是两个公司当时都没有特别适合我们的房型. 2015年, 我们再次决定要造房子. 我们再一次研究了Classic home, NDI and Focal Point, NDI的一个新房型引起了我们的注意. Clarendon 很适合我们狭长的地形. 一楼的卧室带有全厕也适合我们家, 因为姥姥姥爷和我们住在一起. 他们不喜欢走楼梯. 住在一楼是最合适的. 当然我们也咨询了好多朋友. 他们热情地请我们参观了他们由NDI造的新房. 总体来说, 我们觉得NDI造的房子用料不错. 性价比无疑是最高的. 如果你们需要咨询NDI, 可以给高级销售经理Renee Paquet 打电话. (703)850-3028.