How much does it cost?

The cost mainly devided into three types. The Site cost, building cost charged by NDI, and construction loan cost (include interest, closing cost etc.) If you move to an appartment, then the rent is also your cost to consider.

Site fee

Among these costs, the most confusing cost is the site fee. All other costs are fairly clear and we can estimate them without any problems.

Site cost includes Site Engineer fees, Demarr site clearing fees, Permits and Permit runner fee and drive way paving fee etc. NDI's sales rep Renee will provide you a site estimate. In our case, the estimate is $70,900. In real case, we paid less. Altogether, our site related cost altogether is less than $50K ($49,885.89). We saved the site management fee. We highly recommend you to manage the site by yourself. There are not too much work. You just need to talk to Site Engineer, Demarr, the Permit Runner and sign contracts with them directly. Not too much work. Plus you can get first hand information and save about $8000 site managment fee.

Builder fee.

The model we chose is Clarendon. The basic model cost is $349,900. Renee gave us $10,000 credit (so ask her for credit). For any modifications, NDI will charge more. One friend of us chose another model which has three car garage. They wanted to change it into two car garage. Even two car garage is smaller, they still have to pay more because it is a modification of the base model.

Construction loan cost

This cost is straight forward. There are totaly five draws from NDI after each stages (you can check my blog to find out each stages). You only pay the interest of the borrowed part of money. If NDI takes longer to finish building your house, you will pay more interest. Luckily NDI is very efficient. They finish building house much faster than the other builder Classic.

Appartment rental fee.

This fee is really depending on how fast the house is finished. NDI is pretty fast.

The following is all the payments we made. Hope that help.

All Payments timeline:

3/20/15 $5000 deposit to Renee

3/27/15 $2500 deposit to Raj

4/25/15, $1685.00 to Fairfax County,

4/25/15, $2700.00 to Mt Everest Engineering, LLC (Raj)

5/3/15 spent $250 for cutting tree branches

5/5 gave a check $800 to Brad which is payable to Fairfax county

5/13 paid $8000 to Demarr when signing the contract.

7/28/2015 COE Brad. Runner fee. $1095.29.

8/11/2015 Demarr Construction . $12537.5 for site Clearing. Bill was received on 7/31/15.

8/12/2015 Browns Insurance $25

8/17/15 Loudoun Mutual Insurance. $841

8/21/15 A refund check $143.67 was sent by the settlement company.

8/25/15 invoice #9810. Pay Demarr $7800. Excavation dirt removal 66 loads. $225/load. total $14850. $950 Sewer cap off. Minus the $8000 depost. $225 x 66 +$950 - $8000 = $7800

9/3/15 Pay $900 to Raj. $450 for cut sheet and $450 for Brick point.

9/3/15 pay $6000 to Demarr. ($4500 for Sewer Line installation. $1500 for Water line installation)

9/11/15 Pay $352.10 plumming license

9/18/15 Start to pay interest. $119.11 to George Mason Mortgage

9/21/15 Pay Raj (Mt. Everest) $400

10/16/15 George Mason Mortgage $271.58

11/12/15 George Mason Mortgage $541.29

12/10/15 George Mason Mortgage $906.13

12/10/15 Pay Raj (Mt. Everest) $500

1/13/16 George Mason Mortgage $936.36

1/15/16 Falls Church Paving (drive way) $3500

2/17/16 George Mason Mortgage $1260.11

3/25/16 George Mason Mortgage $2,516.97